Why Teeth Whitening Has Become Big Business

Teeth whitening products and treatments are big business. These range from toothpaste and gels that cost twenty dollars to doctor office visits that can cost hundreds. They all cost more than I want to spend. Here is safe method I found that will brighten your smile for fewer than five dollars.
All you need is hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and some q-tips. Hydrogen peroxide can be found in most medicine cabinets and is used to kill germs. You could buy some for a dollar at any grocery. You can get q-tips for a few dollars bull all you really need is a cloth. You can find baking soda in the kitchen or grocery for a similar price. Mix the two into a paste and you are ready to go!

Brush and floss your teeth well before proceeding. Use the q-tip to apply a film of the paste you have made over your front teeth. You will immediately feel a slight burn but don’t worry. Try and keep the paste away from your lips. Feel free to spit if your mouth starts to water. Don’t touch the paste! Flare out your lips and leave it on for twenty minutes then rinse.

I found immediate results when I was done. My teeth were whiter. It even brightened areas around dental work that I found hard to clean. There was one spot that I had brushed, scratched and picked at to clean. It was a dark stain in the middle of my smile. It disappeared after the treatment. I tried it several times after the first but with diminishing returns. Now I use it regularly on the hard to clean dental work. I clean all the teeth once a month.

I shared this new secret with my family  with the products I got from https://www.glorysmile.ie/ and they all had good results. It helps to take a good look at your teeth in a good light so you can tell if it has helped. I always end up mixing too much. You will have plenty to conduct this experiment. I have bought hydrogen peroxide toothpaste and a teeth whitener that came with a tray. I found my home mix to be just as effective if not more potent. Still, I wouldn’t recommend doing this everyday. If you have yellow teeth with decay you might not be able to brighten them much. This may not fix a cavity or avoid a root canal but it will brighten up your smile.

hoverboard ireland fire

How to choose the right hoverboard?

Hoverboards have been a popular topic since their first arrival in 2015 when they really broke onto the scene. They have caused some controversy as there were some problems with the quality of the electronics in the original batches of the boards. This was possibly caused by factories rushing the product to market to meet the huge demand. They were one of those products that went from no one knowing they existed to everyone wanting one in a matter of months. In fact because of safety concerns Amazon pulled all of their hoverboard stock due to fire hazard concerns with the motherboards.

Here in Ireland customs even stopped and seized a huge amount of hoverboards over the same concerns. A concern still is that these hoverboards did not disappear and were released back to China where they were no doubt just sold on anyway. Now when shopping for a hoverboard it is important to find out what sort of quality they are, this is difficult as on the outside they all look the same. When shopping on Ebay and Amazon straight away you can see that the cheap hoverboards are of inferior quality. The price point alone means that they could not be using good quality batteries and this is a concern.

A good supplier will either be using an LG battery or a OEM Samsung battery to ensure that they are not only good quality and will last a long time but to ensure the safety of the boards as well. This should be followed up by good customer support and a warranty. Somene on boards.ie reported that they bought from a Chinese supplier website here in Ireland and there was no contact details or anything and they had to use Paypal to get a refund.

It is important to use a Irish supplier who you can talk to and ask questions about the boards. We have a look online and https://www.it-directory.ie/ seem to tick all the boxes with a Samsung battery and contact details.



Where to buy secondhand iPhone’s for sale

Have you been looking to get a new iPhone but don’t want to pay the costly prices to Apple? well you are certainly not alone and there is a cheaper alternative. Every day hundreds of used iPhone’s are being sold in Ireland so where is the best place to get one and how you can you be sure it is legit and not stolen which could lead to it being blacklisted. Classifieds ads websites such as Gumtree are full of ads for second hand phones and iPhone’s but they are not always legit and many people have fallen victim to scans on these websites.

We would recommend a iPhone sale specialist who sell high quality second hand phones. By using one of these companies you are sure you are not getting a stolen phone and also have someone to come back to in case of any issues with the phone itself. Most of these companies offer a some sort of warranty and of course the longer the warranty the better.

It is important to buy from an Irish company and someone you can pick up the phone to in case of any issue. After having a look online we see websites like www.phonesforsale.ie/ sell a huge range of iPhone’s and also a 12 month warranty which is particularly long for a second hand phone. Sure you can buy from the classifieds ads websites which might be a bit cheaper but you have no comeback if something goes wrong. Usually when buying from websites like Gumtree you are buying off of a private seller and not a company who will want to give good customer service to ensure there business has a good name.

When you first receive your phone check all of the main parts to make sure they are working and that way you can be sure you are happy with the condition of the phone.




How to choose a pair of wireless earphones?

Wireless earphones are a good option for those who want to enjoy music or any audio source without getting entangled in between long, sometimes, unmanageable wires. A person, who everyday runs on the treadmill for a quite significant time, would definitely want to be free and not get disturbed by wires. Though there are wire attach clips are available, but then that too can feel stressed and interfere with body movement.

There are some points to keep in check while choosing or ordering a pair of earphones like-

  1. They should be comfortable – earphones not fitting in your ears can cause extreme pain and uncomfortable within a short period of time. Anyone, obviously, want to hear music for hours or want to hear audio notes would want a nice comfortable piece of earphones efficient enough to be worn for long hours. Considering spending more money on brands like Bose and Sony would surely be a great choice in comfort segment and sound as well.
  2. Noise cancellation option – the earphones with noise cancellation options are perfect for enhancing the music listening experience with high bass. Websites like https://www.audioireland.ie/ have them at more expensive than regular headphones, but definitely could be worth of excellent listening experience. The earphone actually produces the opposite sound of the ambient sound or sounds coming from surroundings entering into the earphone.
  3. They should be compatible with high-end technology – wireless earphones connect to any device with Bluetooth option. The new V 5.0 Bluetooth is fast and wide coverage. If you are planning to purchase wireless earphones, please ensure that is compatible with new version of Bluetooth. It will save you huge money as the updated or advanced wireless earphones would not get adulterated with new technologies that will capture the market soon.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Own An Android TV Box

The android TV box has become a very popular product in recent times. There are many reasons for this and it is an area of technology that has become hugely successful and competitive with many companies trying to get in on the action. If you are still living in the stone age and have not come across an android TV box yet then here is a quick breakdown of what they are. Essentially an android box is a box that will allow you to stream various media from the internet. It is essentially a small android computer much like you would find on a Samsung Galaxy phone.

It has many uses and acts as an all in one entertainment system that allows you to browse the web, use Facebook or any other social media app, stream live content and content on demand. The beauty of them is that they are basically a cheap computer that will allow access to anything that is on the web be it an app or website. So here are some reasons you should own an android box:

  1. They are affordable. The average android box will cost you between $50 – $200 for some of the faster devices. This is not breaking the bank and considering the range of content available on them it is a bargain if you buy from www.androidtvaustralia.com. Also worth noting it is a one off fee.
  2. You can access Netflix and other streaming apps from them. Most people use a chromecast to access their Netflix account but with the android box you can stream directly from that.
  3. You can access Youtube on the android box. Many people still use their XBOX purely just for Youtube but the android box has this installed so it is convenient to not have to change cables every time you want to use Youtube.

So these are the 3 top reasons for getting an android box.

Turn your home into a smart home with an Android Box

There as been an explosion in the technology available to have in your home be it security such as the IP cameras and video doorbells, smart TV’s and many more bits of technology that have flooded most homes in the last 5 years especially. One very popular product which you will find in most homes now is the android TV Box. This is a small box that connects to your TV via a HDMI cable and gives you the ability to stream via apps from the internet directly to your television as advertised by https://www.androidtvboxes.ie/.

Many people are using an android box to watch popular apps such as Youtube and Netflix and even browse Facebook and Instragram on their TV. All you need for one of these android boxes to work is a working internet connection and of course a TV and the box does all the work.

There are many types of android boxes available and shopping for the correct one can be quite confusing. Some things to take note of when purchasing a TV box is the warranty and returns policy but in the spec itself the amount of RAM (random access memory) is very important as well as the type of chip in the TV box. Amlogic chips are the most reliable and are the ones to go for and usually at least 2GB of RAM is recommended. Many of latest boxes have 3GB of RAM and an Octa Core processor which means that they are plenty fast to run the most popular apps as many cheaper boxes that have 1GB of RAM will really struggle and often crash.

If you are a TV addict and want full control of what you watch when you want to watch it then an android TV box is for you.