YI Release Their New 4K Action Camera

The GoPro Hero4 has proved a very successful camera in the world of action cameras and it is now the flag ship go to action camera that people go to, to record their various experiences. But is this the best option or is it just the most well known due to great marketing from the GoPro team. Well the YI team would like to argue otherwise. The GoPro Hero4 is a great action camera and there is a reason that it is the most popular camera at the moment but in terms of price it is a very expensive action camera and there are good alternatives out there that are literally half the price.

YI 4K cameraThe YI 4K action camera is a rival of the Hero4 and it is half the price of the famous action camera. Both cameras are a very similar specification and have similar hardware but in fact the YI 4K camera has extra functions that the Hero4 does not as it supports bluetooth. Believe it or not they are both equipped with a Sony camera that is 12 megapixels so they are very evenly matched in terms of film quality but the YI 4K camera also has a 2 inch LED screen to view your content live where as the GoPro Hero4 does not and considering the massive price difference this is quite a considerable difference.

The YI camera also has other functions such as a timer mode that the GoPro again does not. Considering the price the Hero4 is retailing at this is simply ridiculous and it is leading to other companies like YI to gain a share of this huge market. So if you are looking for an action camera it is worth shopping around and not going straight for the GoPro like many people have done. At least make a comparison to make sure you get the best value.