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Dream Essential Sleep Mask ~ ruby

Dream Essential Sleep Mask ~ ruby

Product ref: DE sleepmask

Price: €9.95

Dream Essential Lavender Sleep Mask


Use Aromatherapy to fall asleep faster... Achieve a deeper nights sleep with this lavender filled sleep mask. Lavender flowers are held within the mask to provide you with a gentle lavender fragrance as you start to fall asleep and while you sleep. The soothing fragrance lulls you into a deep sleep. The mask is soft, 100% light blocking and with adjustable velcro strap. 100% light blocking for refreshing revitalizing sleep Filled with lavender flowers to soothe and induce calm Natural remedy for your insomnia.

Product Details


  • Inside of Mask: The fabric which rests over the eye area and on the face is soft 100% cotton which cushions the eyes without pressure. Each mask is filled with a subtle and delicate blend of lavender flowers.
  • Outside of Mask: The fabric on the outside of the mask is an elegant silky, soft linen satin. This fabric does not make contact with the face, it simply defines the look and feel of the mask. We suggest choosing a color that you feel comfortable wearing.
  • Mask Fastener: Adjustable Velcro elastic strap for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Care: Surface spot clean only. Do not immerse in water. Do not heat in microwave.
  • Specifications: Size 4" x 10" Weight 1oz
  • Colour Ruby