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SleepPhones Headband Headphones
SleepPhones Headband Headphones
SleepPhones Headband Headphones

SleepPhones Headband Headphones

Product ref: sleepphones

Price: €42.95

SleepPhones Sleep Headband Headphones


SleepPhones® help you sleep. They are the most comfortable sleep headphones for use in bed. Invented by a family doctor, these patented headband headphones plug into your music player. You can listen to anything you like with the earphones in the soft headband. Lack of sleep is at epidemic proportions and leads to many problems including obesity, diabetes, depression, migraines, and even heart disease.

Customers are so relieved that they found SleepPhones®. Chronic insomniacs have restored good sleep habits with a predictable music routine and come off of sleeping pills. These super soft headphones have also saved marriages by making it possible to sleep next to snoring partners. Or if one person requires absolute quiet and the other likes to listen to an audiobooks prior to bed, SleepPhones® make it possible!

The innovative headband headphone design is so comfortable that customers use it for other activities like winter exercise, shoveling snow, or listening to music in the office. Travelers love SleepPhones® as well for the plane, coping with jet lag, and new hotel environments. With all of these uses, SleepPhones® are the perfect gift for just about anyone!

  • Fall asleep faster - drug free!
  • Block out snoring - without painful ear plugs!
  • Relax with music - stress free!
  • SleepPhones come in three colours: Quiet Lavender, Midnight Black & Soft Gray.

What makes SleepPhones better than other headphones?


SleepPhones speakers are of excellent quality, with an emphasis on bass response. We get them from the same supplier that makes speakers for a famous audiophile headphone company. Their products often sell for hundreds of dollars.

  • SleepPhones are fully adjustable. The speakers can be moved forward or back, depending on a person's ear position.
  • Regular headphones are too bulky for sleep. They will come off by the morning. Plus, a side sleeper cannot possibly use them.
  • Earbuds and earphones should not be worn for sleep (or any extended period of time). Earphones do not breath, raising the risk of outer ear infections (swimmer's ear) from moisture buildup, especially the fancy silicone ones. Also, wearing earphones to sleep can cause a skin ulcer to form in the thin skin over ear cartilage. This can happen in just one night and may take weeks to heal. • SleepPhones are very lightweight, since most of it is just fleece fabric.
  • Since SleepPhones are made with fabric with minimal hardware, you can roll it up and carry it compactly.
  • SleepPhones can be washed.
  • Sizes: Extra Small (51-54cm), One Size Fits Most (55-59cm) & Extra Large (60-63cm)
  • Compatible with: iPod, iPad, smartphone, CD/DVD player, MP3 player, radio, bedside TV, white noise generator, computer, or anything with a 3.5mm jack.